Survival Mode

I used to be a survivor.

What happened to that girl?

So why am I currently frozen in uncertainty, and how did I somehow stop in the busiest of intersections?

Meanwhile, I watch others fly past me…

Are they on the right path?

Who knows, but at least they are moving

At least they continue to try

Where do they find that drive?

I’ve been so obsessed with the question, I failed to realize the answer was so simple.

It lies directly in my line of vision, which I have momentarily allowed to be blinded…




even without being conscious of it.

Am I even allowed to be envious?

They did it for themselves.

I should be able to, easily.

Where is the disconnect?

What fine, blurry line did I cross without realizing it?

And when? I fear it was a long time ago…

Somewhere along the way, I shifted into “survival mode,”

mistaking it for a positive remedy to my troubles.

Simply getting through the day doesn’t bring many feelings of




Being in a “mode” doesn’t leave much room to


or to experiment.

Is that not a primary part of our


of our life,

and of our purpose?

Somewhere along the way, I lost my way…


I wasn’t born to merely exist.


Fuck survival mode.

I have a world to change.

***quote by me :)



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