Broken Mirror on the Wall

Annie Mae Edwards
2 min readNov 19, 2022
Photo by BW Square on Unsplash

🪞I love this broken mirror.🪞

Sadly broken, but through the cracks, my reflection still stares back.

Ironically, I am broken as well, and the broken mirror is a beautifully artistic depiction of this.

The cracks create a distorted reflection of reality; one that can’t be avoided.

By definition, nothing can be in perfect condition if it is broken.

It may not be perfect, but the reflection in the broken mirror also depicts reality, nonetheless…

Perhaps I, also, perceive reality in a way that doesn’t accurately depict the details.

Parts of it have fallen through the cracks, and parts are merely hidden behind them…yet…they still exist…

As I stare at the slightly contorted image staring back at me,

I realized that it would have been contorted, nonetheless.

Perfection is an illusion; a mere mirage in the distance that is sought after by so many, it has become accepted as reality.

*Following the crowd is the easiest way to get lost.*

🪞I love this broken mirror.🪞

When one is looking at a shattered reflection, they must look with intent.

They must look a little harder.

They must see past the cracks, while simultaneously acknowledging their existence.

So instead of manifesting a “new and improved” version of myself, I manifest the older one…the one who wasn’t broken by society.

And as I do this,

I see past the imperfections, understanding that they are subjective to both my brokenness and that of the glass.

And for the first time in a while, I see how truly beautiful I am, past the realm of physical attributes.

🪞I love this broken mirror.🪞