Annie Mae Edwards
3 min readDec 5, 2022
Beautiful Mountain View

I have always felt a very powerful connection with nature. Mountains in particular hold a special spiritual meaning for me, helping my reconnect with both myself and my ancestors/lost loved ones (one notable one: my dad).

I truly believe that the amount of symbolism and wisdom that can be drawn from mountains are more massive than the largest mountains one can envision.

I recently entered a contest where the prompt was to write a haiku about a mountain. Feeling inspired, I composed 24 of them. However, I laughed to myself, thinking, “25 would have been better.” Call me ridiculous, but I love numbers.

Ironically enough, I was taking a much needed self care day in which I completely unplugged from social media and deeply explored myself and my journey. I was walking my dog and reflecting upon life, and which direction I was feeling pulled to go.

Suddenly, I started thinking about the mountains, and the haiku poems. I instantly started composing a rough draft in my head, and quickly pulled out my phone to record my thoughts. Within five to ten minutes, I had composed my 25th haiku.

Although I didn’t get to enter this 25th haiku into the contest, I felt it must be included in my collection, as it was quite symbolic and meaningful. It was like a full circle moment, where I had finally rediscovered parts of…